stairsThe Mountain of Mother of God is a place of prayer and of spiritual life. Last but not least, it is an architectonic sight and an artistic treasure too. As already mentioned, the majority of the buildings were build 1696-1710. Original furniture was also made at the end of the 17th century. A collection of sculptures by successors of Matthias Bernard Braun, which used to be situated in the chapels along the alleyway, is very precious. These statues were heavily vandalised in the 1950s.They were restored later, and they are deposited in the church in Vraclav by Vysoké Mýto now. There is a collection of valuable altars decorated with superb wooden acanthus carvings; the altars are dated about 1700, and are located in the cloister. The pseudo-Renaissance furniture of the church is also a rarity made 1883-1907. The whole interior of the church was designed by the company of Ferdinand Stuflesser from St Ulrich-Grödental in South Tyrol. All statues and altars are carved out of cedarwood.

A booklet which describes the complex of the Mountain of Mother of God step by step was issued by Prague Province of the Redemptorists within the project called The Promotion of the Monastery at the Mountain of Mother of God in 2006.

In the summer months from early June to late September, the space of the church, the cloisters and the Holy Stairs are open daily from 10 to 17 hours. On Sunday, the church is open from 9 am.